Urban Games Factory
is a real-life game production company.
We want to become the Pixar of immersive games.

We were created in Milan by the people and the long-time experience of Focus, which has been active in the field of pervasive and urban games since 2008.
We design new urban game formats and create immersive cultural experiences that invite the public to rediscover abandoned urban spaces, villas and archaeological parks, while reinterpreting cultural works and realizing change within themselves.
We do this through a network of people who support us and help us to become better and better (in the picture above you can see the sanest ones).

We dream of the future of live entertainment no longer based on the dichotomy between the public and the artist, but rather as an interactive, immersive and contemporary experience.

Augusto Pirovano

I studied cultural business, specialized in urban economy and for 7 years I have been using urban games to transform cities the from bottom up.
In UGF I take care of game design and online marketing, from the acquisition up to the selling.

Matteo Uguzzoni

I am an architect, but as soon as I graduated I immediately realized that I did not know who I was.
In UGF I do copywriting (we always write a lot), game design and production, with an approach as zen as possible.

Elisa Angelico

I graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan and I can claim to be a designer. About what? It’s hard to say. In UGF I deal with graphic design, web design and also game design because, let’s face it, I’m the only one in the team that has actually studied some game design books.


I’m a plastic owl.
I was melted and colored in China and the inside of my body is hollow, so searching for answers inside me is like dealing with emptiness and therefore useless.
In UGF I work on the company vision, I remind that with the power of my gaze and the unnatural stillness of my eyes towards the goal.