Zona #6

An Apocalyptic escape and exploration game

Codice Indaco was the most important production we have achieved as Urban Games Factory and we were amazed by the amount of feedback and gratitude that we received. So after the June 2015 public preview we wanted to experiment more, collecting all the input we received and imagining something new that could combine participants’ ideas.

The social aspect of Codice Indaco was one of the most appreciated ingredients.

The game had lowered social barriers that normally prevent people to have a great time with strangers. The players got to know each other, interacted during rehearsals, rejoiced and had a great evening together. Too much noise and confusion prevented the players from fully enjoying the peculiarities and charm of the location–a former industrial building with the Ex-Ansaldo history which is, in itself, something very suggestive.

We then went back to the basics of urban games and decided to use the city as a stage and to find a theme that could allow players to live the story on their own.

It did not take long for the story to become a zombie-centered one!
The location was perfect– empty, with hallways and spooky stairs in addition to dark dungeons. Our team of actors at Codice Indaco was eager to don fake blood and we even enlisted professional zombie co-players!

The two playtest evenings were a success!

All players, including many who had earlier attended Codice Indaco, told us that we were on the right track. The space lent the best of itself while filled with undeads and metal grates; the crescendo of exploration and escape did the trick. Zona#6 will surely be one of our 2016 titles, stay tuned!


Zona #6.
An Apocalyptic escape and exploration game.
A project by Urban Games Factory.