An exploration and interaction game for adults and children.

The Salone del Mobile is the most important design exhibition in Italy, if not the whole world.
It was 2012 when Stefano Maffei invited us to design something that could help people experience “Making Together”, the theme of a special event created by Logotel in the Ventura Lambrate zone.
Urban Games Factory in those years was still 100% focused on CriticalCity Upload, and we decided to create a live version of it that could work without the need for an online web platform. We called it CriticalCity LIVE.

A camera mounted on a helmet, a timer and an envelope with a secret mission.

These were the simple ingredients for an experience which proved to be an immediate success, also because of its vitality. Have you ever seen people run around in the middle of the Fuorisalone doing wacky things while wearing an absurd colored helmet?
At the same time, CCU Live was played in dozens of different locations: Napoleonic Villas, Contemporary Art exhibitions, theaters and museums.

In 2014 INCOGNITO was born as a version of CriticalCity Live for a younger audience.

We thank UovoKids for inviting us to participate in a festival inside the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan where we had fun imagining new missions tailor-made for the location–hiding secret clues in the darkest rooms or having players (and their families) look for the smallest details in the museum.
Also, we were in disguise and this gave a whole different flavour to the game!

Each manhole, each statue, leaf or person may hide something beautiful, we just have to find it.

Incognito continues to entertain children all around Italy. After three dates in Milan, we brought it to Brescia and this summer, on June 19th, it we will be in Perugia KidsBeat, a children’s festival in the Umbrian capital.


Incognito, an exploration and interaction game for real and grown-up children.
An Urban Games Factory project.