An ordinary afternoon of sporty crazyness.

2016 will be the year of the Rio Olympics. The city already shocked by the World Football Championship two years ago again faces the stressful issues that big events always carry. But where is the Olympic spirit? Do healthy competitions still exist?

We are lucky because we are surrounded by crazy people that really want to have fun.

The concept for Follimpiadi – a world championship of ridiculous sports – was born after a chat with Simone Abbottoni from Onalim and with a group from Non Riservato (the same bunch of creative people that helped us on Coincidenze).
The first sport was already on the ground: the Slow Run, a 5 meter run where the last is the winner. Simone has hosted the event since 2013 here in Milan, with epic battles and a slow dance party at the end.
We then started brainstorming backwards sports, with oversized and absurd tools, and at the end we got our list.

Horse Shooting, Paddled Run, Blind Slalom.

To which we added crazy sports that we experienced in previous adventures, such as Turtle WuShu, a ninja-like battle invented by Invisible Playground, or the Debit Card Throw, a discipline invented by the Nascondino World Championship guys from Bergamo.

All the ingredients were on the table, we just lacked the uniforms.

We knew that we had to find something really trashy and when we are looking for something like that, usually we dig down on the ’80s, our early years.
Moscow ’80 didn’t give us interesting pictures (the Olympics were widely boycotted by western countries). Instead we were overwhelmed by anti-gravitational hairstyles and neon colors of Los Angeles ’84 pictures.
A bombastic showy triumph–perfect!
An afternoon rich in ignorance and sport was the comment that perfectly summarized what happened!


Follimpiadi – an ordinary afternoon of sport and crazyness.
A project by Non Riservato.
Concept and production by Urban Games Factory and Onalim.